Quantum design

Quantum Physics has profondly changed the way we understand the world at small scale. It consists of an abstract and mathematical description which violates our common sense, but it allows to describe the matter around us, the chemistry, the atoms, the electrons, even the light. It has allowed to create most of the high-techs such as electronics or lasers…

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After a previous project about superconductivity, physicists specialists of quantum physics have once again worked with a design school, the ENSCI-Les Ateliers, this time about quantum physics. Students were asked to imagine a new way of showing quantum physics and describing its laws and strange behaviors to make them more accessible to large public.


Quantum physics was also a source of inspiration in order to reimagine new tools, new objects and new uses, even new methods. The creations issued from this project are bridging outreach, art and design.


From left to right:
Paul, Marianne, Mathilde, Maïlys, Natacha, Cécile, Rémi, Stéphanie et Alba, Thibault, Emile, Paul et Mateo, François, Clémentine, Véronica et Julien, Frédérc, Sammy, Xavier, Antoine et Emilio, Louise et Elizabeth, Camille.


The workshop “formes et matières”

The quantum design project is a partnership between the ENSCI-LES ATELIERS and physicists from université Paris Sud and CNRS.
It was supportes by la Diagoale Paris-Saclay, the institut de Physique of the CNRs, université Paris Sud and the Société Française de Physique.


The design
ENSCI-Les Ateliers : François Azamboourg, Clémentine Chambon, Véronica Rodrigez, Frédéric Teschner, Camille Jutant, Laurent Milon


The physics
Université Paris Sud/CNRS : Julien Bobroff


ENSCI students
Stephanie Bormann Schidlof, Sammy Bernoussi, Cécile Canel, Marianne Cardon, Paul Courdec, Alba Diaz Strum, Maïlys Henry, Emile Kirsch, Mateo Lopez, Mathilde Miossec, Xavier Montoy, Elizabeth Moreau, Paul Morin, Louise Mushet, Rémi Nguyen, Emilio Patuzzo, Thibault Pfeiffer, Natacha Poutoux